Voran Is Not Just For Your Feet

The importance of footwear is vital in maintaining good physical health. Wearing inadequate or poorly fitting shoes can result in a range of physical disorders that can have lasting effects on the body. Shoes that don't fit properly can cause instability when walking or standing, which can increase the risk of falls and other injuries, like musculoskeletal disorders.

“The SportSafe line guarantees the safety of wearers when they’re on the job, while also helping them prevent various workplace-related pathologies”

Potential Physical Disorders Caused by Inadequate Footwear

When shoes do not provide proper support, the body compensates by altering its natural alignment, which can lead to muscle strain and joint pain. The most direct consequence is soreness in some part of the foot or in several parts (heel, sole, instep, toes). Another common consequence is an alteration in the position of the toes which can, in time, cause atrophy. Pain in the spine, hips, knees, ankles, and leg muscles are also very common. Pathologies in the lumbosacral spine and kneecap injuries are quite frequent as well.





Good safety footwear should have these characteristics:


A comfortable, light shoe should allow the foot to move freely and to interact with the floor.


Impact cushioning during the workday is key, and the toe cap should protect the user from potential impact.


Prevention and treatment of illnesses: Adequate footwear can prevent multiple pathologies related to bad gait.


Our safety shoes improve workers’ lives by offering them both protection and prevention. The SportSafe line guarantees the safety of wearers when they are on the job, while also helping them prevent various workplace-related pathologies. All Voran models were created and developed with the end goal of looking after the user and providing absolute comfort. Thanks to the combination of materials and design, our new technologies provide comfort, protection and prevention to our users.

Voran Safety Footwear, an Extension of Your Body

“We are committed to taking care of workers, their feet, their whole bodies and minds.”